Thursday, September 6, 2007

Seeing Double

They can be kind of strange, sort of weird, and very unusual. What are they? Identical twins!

Surprisingly, until the age of 16, I found doppelgangers to be creepy, unnatural and, let’s face it, redundant. But all of that changed one crisp, fall evening in the early 90s….

While fast-forwarding through commercials on my Baywatch tape, I noticed a spot for Wrigley’s Doublemint chewing gum. It featured two IDENTICAL women in bikinis,inserting sticks of gum in their mouth at the same time. That day, no longer was a boy and I became a man. As advertised, Wrigley’s had indeed doubled my pleasure, doubled my fun.

Fun Facts About Twins

10 Famous Twins… or 20, I Guess
The Olsen Twins (duh)
Romulus and Remus
Nick Nolte and Gary Busey
Luke and Leia
Tomax and Xamot
Kirby Puckett
The Barbie Twins
Zan and Jayna
Arnold Schwarzenegger and Danny DeVito

Where Do Twins Come From?
Contrary to popular belief, twins do not come from accidentally getting water on a newborn, but from science. Roughly one fertilized egg - or “zygote” -out of every 150 divides to form two separate embryos. Gross.

Who Should Have An Identical Twin?
Funny People
Smart People (yes in that order)