Monday, February 4, 2008

Who's Up For Breakfast?

So, I was driving into work one day last week and I heard one of those things that really makes you think. Ron and Fez were talking about the fact that neither of them had ever seen an ethnic restaurant open for breakfast. This fact made them ask themselves what Chinese, Italian, or any other culture consider breakfast food.

I know that Northern Mexican culture is known for breakfast burritos, and Irish culture is known for blood sausage, and I guess you could say that Jewish delis are known for bagel's. But, other than these I too don't know what other cultures eat for breakfast. I think it's a safe assumption that all people in all parts of the world have access to chickens and consequently chicken eggs. But, when you look at how eggs are prepared in breakfast burrito compared to how they are prepared in a French omelet, I would assume that there is just as much variations with more unique cultures.

There are more pressing questions to be answered though. Do any other cultures have breakfast cereal? If they do, are they as covered in sugar as much as those in the US? What about pork products like bacon and breakfast sausage? Or even things like pop tarts?