Sunday, September 25, 2011

Spongebob Squarepants and The Seven Deadly Sins?

Did you know that each of the main characters in Spongebob Squarepants was inspired by one of the seven deadly sins?  I didn’t until I found several articles on the web referencing the audio commentary included with the episode “Plankton!” on the DVD boxset of the show’s first season.

1. Greed (Mr. Krabs) - this is by far the most obvious comparison that can be made. The avarice of Eugene Krabs is made painfully clear throughout the series. He is constantly thinking of ways to turn a profit, even if it involves taking advantage of his friends or putting them in harmful situations! In one episode, he sings a song called “If I Could Talk to Money”...and there’s even a wiki page devoted to compiling all of his greedy plans!

2. Envy (Plankton) - another no brainer. With all of Krabs’ wealth and good fortune, there has been an equal amount of hard luck and failure for his archrival, Sheldon Plankton. Plankton owns a struggling restaurant called “The Chum Bucket” and is consumed with the desire to achieve the success of his adversary. His life’s goal is to steal the Krabby Patty formula from his Krabs and drive his primary competitor out of business.

3. Sloth (Patrick) - the guy lives under a rock for crying out loud! If that isn’t enough to convince you, in the episode “Big Pink Loser” Patrick is given an award for ‘doing absolutely nothing longer than anyone else’. He then proceeds go back under his rock to protect his title.

4. Pride (Sandy) - the fact that Sandy Cheeks is from Texas alone should almost suffice for this one. She is a squirrel that is very proud of her heritage, so much so that in one episode she nearly moved back home! Sandy also takes a great deal of satisfaction in being the only land critter living down in Bikini Bottom among all the fishy folk. Though generally a good-natured individual, Sandy is quick to spout off about the greatness of the Lone Star state or to show off her athleticism in a karate match or a weightlifting contest.

5. Wrath (Squidward) - Squidward Tentacles has no qualms about expressing his negative outlook on life, whether it be by describing how much he hates his job at the Krusty Krab or through outward disdain for his two obnoxious neighbors. He is portrayed as a general failure who refuses to acknowledge his own personal flaws. This constant self-denial manifests itself in a sarcastic sense of humor and resentment toward the society that doesn’t ‘appreciate’ his creativity and clarinet...erm...”skills”.

6. Gluttony (Gary) - now this one’s a bit trickier. Those who have watched a great deal of the series will have noticed a number of jokes about Spongebob having to remember to feed his pet snail. To be honest, Gary doesn’t do a whole lot besides eating and meowing, and the meowing is often due to the fact that he is hungry. Once when Spongebob hadn’t fed his pet, Gary is shown eating parts of their couch! In another episode, Gary runs away from home because Spongebob forgot to feed him for a while. Another time when Spongebob had amnesia, Gary ate a year’s supply of snail food and became morbidly obese! This proves beyond a doubt that when left to his own devices, Gary would rather do nothing but eat.

7. Lust (Spongebob) - our final analogy is probably the least apparent because we typically think of ‘lust’ in a sexual sense. However, the alternative definition for lust is simply “a passionate desire for something”. In this sense of the word, it cannot be denied that our absorbent yellow friend is an extremely lustful creature. Spongebob has a lust for life that is incomparable to most other cartoon characters - he yearns for the affections of both friend and foe alike, is eager to please, and will often stop at nothing to complete a task.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Mosby’s Spirit

A few weeks ago a co-worker told me about a new distillery that opened not far from where we live.  Catoctin Creek is an organic distillery that is the first one to open in Loudoun County since the end of prohibition.  The distillery is very small and is operated by a husband and wife who often solicit help from friends to assist them with the bottling process.

Earlier today we were in an ABC store and happened to see a couple bottles from Catoctin Creek on the shelf.  To our surprise, they named their whisky “Mosby’s Spirit.”  So, it was a moral imperative that we got one and brought it home to take this picture of two of John Mosby’s namesakes.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Land of Enchantment (Orale!)

Last night a long time friend from New Mexico sent me this video.  I wasn’t sure what to expect based on the title, “Land of Enchantment (Orale!)”, so it wasn’t until this morning that I watched it.

I love it!  If you haven’t spent much time in New Mexico, you may not truly appreciate all of the humor laced within the song and the images.  However, if you have spent any time at all in the southwestern US I am sure you will see or hear a few familiar items.

Thanks uncle Don!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

The Great Boatlift of 9/11

September 11, 2001 is a day that has memories which resonate with nearly every person in the civilized world.

For most people, including myself many of these memories include feelings of sadness, anger and disbelief.  However, as time passes and distance grows between myself and the tragedy of that day I find new elements of solace in remembering and recognizing new acts of courage from that day.

The video below tells the story of some of those acts of selflessness and courage that took place in lower Manhattan on 9/11.  Please watch this story and never forget the actions depicted and the sacrifices of everyone who lost some one or something irreplaceable that day.