Saturday, March 24, 2012

UVA Football in Northern Virginia

The NCAA outlines specific rules around how many football practices each team can have before the college football season actually begins.  For 2012, the number of practices is fifteen and UVA Head Coach, Mike London uses several of these events as road trips.  The road trip method provides the program with an opportunity to recruit future players, drive community involvement, increase fan exposure/support and provide the entire department with a controlled environment for future road trip testing.

Today, one of these spring practices took place in Northern Virginia at Fairfax High School.  Despite some cool temperatures and a steady drizzle throughout the day,  Barbie and I made the short drive over to check out the program.

We were one of the few groups of people that came out prepared for the rain.  We had a pop-up shelter that had the ability to stagger the leg length which was perfect for setting-up on the bleachers.  As soon as we arrived, we got some UVA swag in t-shirts, key chains and season ticket information.  As soon as we sat down to watch the practice, it took only seconds to spot Mike London.  Not only was he the only person on the field with a camouflage UVA hat, but you could see his presence even from the top of the stands.


The overall practice looked good, and it was very fan friendly.  Not only did the team have music playing through out the drills, but the coaches were using the game clocks to keep the crowd informed of how long each drill would last.  Furthermore, as each new drill began, an announcer would tell the crowd what was happening next and what the intent was.

Throughout the practice, the safety of the student athletes was paramount with little to no tackling at all for the first 90 minutes of the two hour proactive.  However, for the last fifteen minutes of the event, the drills were replace with team on team scrimmaging.  For this scrimmage, the objective was for each team (Blue or White) to get into field goal range.  This was quite exciting, and both of the defensive squads that were on the field really turned up their intensity.


We are hoping that this year’s team can build on the success of last year’s appearance in the Chic-fil-A bowl.  And we are looking forward to future years spring practices being held again in Northern Virginia.  Go ‘Hoos!

Saturday, March 17, 2012

MLB12 The Show Full Commercial

I am a lifelong Cleveland Indian’s fan.  As such I am well aware of the length of time since the tribe has won the world series…1948.  As sad as the length of time that this represents is, I can often take solace in the fact that there is one franchise that has an even longer drought…the Chicago Cubs which last one the world series in 1908.

Although the Cubs drought can make me smile as an Indian’s fan, I also have a healthy respect for their fan base.  There is an aspect of loyalty that is to be commended there.  This respect is the reason that I find the commercial below so good.  It speaks to the Cubs fan base and the ever lasting hope that they have.  Check it out.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Recognized For Community Volunteerism

Today I was recognized at work for my community involvement outside of the office.  I was interviewed by the communications team and the article below was displayed to all employees on the company intranet around the globe.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

A Simple Tweet Had Me Grinning All Day Today

Today Virginia was one of the seven states that participates in “Super Tuesday”, and in support of it I once again worked as an election official.  This morning at 6:00am I got the privilege of announcing that the polling location I was working at was open.  Essentially this means that I walked outside of the building and yelled to anyone who could hear that “the polls have opened".

I am not sure that more than two people were actually in the parking lot to hear me at that hour, but the historic symbolism of that action was not lost on me.  I was so happy to have done it that I immediately tweeted about it.  Just a few minutes later I saw a reply to that tweet that had me grinning from ear-to-ear for the rest of the day.  Below are both of those tweets:

Aimee is an Associate Director of Alumni Engagement at the McIntire School of Commerce at UVA.  As a proud alumni of The University I have a healthy respect for Mr. Jefferson.  However to hear my name mentioned (even in a tweet) with his makes me feel very honored.  Thanks Aimee!

Sunday, March 4, 2012

A Reminder (Or Maybe Some Inspiration) For Tuesday

This is an image that I first saw quite a while ago.  However, when I saw it tonight while listening to the news I found it quite appropriate as Super Tuesday is just around the corner so I had to share it.