Sunday, August 12, 2012

Opening Up The E's Dashboard

A few weeks ago I removed an old GPS mount from the Element's dashboard and in the process I pulled some of the paint off of the spot where the mount was placed.

As soon as it happened I bought a replacement part, but I procrastinated for a couple weeks before attempting to install it. Although I was all for replacing the damaged part myself, I was skeptical that I could do it easily.
Most of that skepticism came from the fact that I couldn't find any resources to tell me how to remove the existing part of the dashboard. My conversations with the staff at the parts department when I ordered and picked up the replacement part also weren't very fruitful. I was cautioned from one person about the importance of removing the air conditioning knobs before I do anything else, and another person mentioned the fact that removing the radio was the most important thing to do.

Since none of the advice I received in person or online seemed to align with any of the other advice I received, I decided to just try and remove the existing damaged part with the knowledge that I could break it if needed since it was being replaced anyway. So, after a quick study of the clip locations on the new part I decided to just try and pop the existing clips loose. Lo and behold I found out the entire center dashboard opened up very easily.

Once I could see behind the existing dashboard, I saw that two cables were all that needed to be unplugged in order to free the entire center dash. One cable connected to the ventilation control module, and the other to the hazard light assembly. The radio stayed in place and didn't need to be touched.
The picture below shows the original part with the center vents, radio frame, ventilation control module, hazard light assembly and shifter frame still attached. Next to it is the new replacement part.

By the time I had moved all of the ancillary components over and installed the replacement part I had spent less than an hour completing the project. Not too bad, eh?

Saturday, August 11, 2012

How Many Dogs Do You See?

Earlier today I was working in our home office, and Barbie decided to keep me company while laying on the couch reading a magazine. Both dogs decided to snuggle up with Barbie for the morning as well. Not long after everyone got settled Barbie took this picture of how the dogs were sleeping. Can you see them both?