Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Audi Socks

Today I had one of those moments when I went from "what in the heck is that?" to "hmmm, that's kind of cool!" in less than 5 seconds.

As I was sitting in traffic on my way home from work I came upon a car hauler in the next lane over.  It was one of those tractor trailers that transports new cars to dealerships.  This one had new Audi's on it, but what really caught my attention was the method that was employed to protect the paint on each car - cloth.  These cars were all covered in what looked like socks.

The zippers around the fuel door and driver's door had me laugh as I realized there must have been quite a bit of engineering invested by Audi to come up with this solution.

This is one of those things that helps Audi differentiate itself from other auto manufacturers, and although I don't have any real desire to own one I can appreciate this.  It's not quite as fancy as the Ferrari or Porsche enclosed haulers, but it has more prominent advertising than the large plastic "stickers" that Toyota and Nissan ship with.