Sunday, August 25, 2013

The Chicago Fire(works)

My trip home from Albuquerque included a connection in Chicago.  While we were taxiing to take off, I noticed a few fireworks over the horizon in the night sky.  Once we got in the air, I took the video below as we flew over US Cellular Field (the home of the White Sox).

Parting Shots From Albuquerque

As my plane pulled away from the gate, rain began to fall in Albuquerque.  Once we got into the air, it was clear that the rain falling on the eastern side of the city close to the mountains.

As we flew north over the city, the skies be can to clear up just in time for me to take a picture of the thriving Rio Grande Bosque below.

Our flightpath out of Albuquerque continued north along the Rio Grande and as we reached the northern edge of the city, the rain began to fall over the river.

Once we got clear of the city of Albuquerque, we climbed above most of the clouds and the sky looked like a shade of blue that was absolutely beautiful.

Some Things Never Change…Thank Goodness

Today was my last day in Albuquerque.  Although I was looking forward to coming home to Barbie, I was sad to leave my dad.  However, as I was heading to my gate in the airport I spotted something that I remembered from my childhood.

Some of my oldest memories of the airport as a kid included gazing through dozens of model airplanes with my dad.  I was happy to see that the airport still maintains a small area in the main terminal where some of these models are still on display.

Friday, August 23, 2013

Admiring My Mountains

Since Barbie and I both grew up in the Southwestern US, we were raised close to elements of the Rocky Mountains.  This results in us each having our own "versions" of mountains in our minds, which differ greatly from what we see near our home near the Appalachian Mountains.

When I think of mountains, most of the time I am picturing an image like the one I saw today below.

Visiting the Pueblo Montaño Trailhead

One of the things that makes it clear to me that I still consider Albuquerque home is how the events of late June, 2003 still effect me.  I hadn't lived there in years at that point, but on June 25th, 2003 a human-caused fire scorched over 250 acres of the Rio Grande Bosque.  This fire burned on both sides of the Rio Grande and when it was finally extinguished it left a line of black scar that bisected the city of Albuquerque in half.

Today, my dad and I stopped at the Pueblo Montaño Trailhead on our way to breakfast so that he could show me something.  A retired Albuquerque firefighter has been using the remains of the burned cottonwood trees as canvases for his chainsaw art.  Below are some of the ways that he has re-purposed these trees.




Thursday, August 22, 2013

Touchdown In Albuquerque

It was late when I landed in Albuquerque, but even before I saw my dad I was greeted by a few familiar things when I stepped off the jetway.  The first is a large bronze statue called "Dream of Flight" which was installed in the airport as part of a major renovation in 1989.

The second item that was unexpectedly welcoming to me was the ceiling in the main terminal.  This ceiling is the only part of the airport that existed before the 1989 remodel that remains.  I'm not sure how many people actually bother to look up at the wooden beams that support the ceiling above them, but I know I did right away and many good memories came to mind.

On My Way To Albuquerque

On my way to Albuquerque I was taken aback by the beautiful sky as my plane ascended to start flying west.  The sights outside my window were so striking that I took a few pictures to document what I was seeing.


Friday, August 16, 2013

It's Hatch Green Chile Season

A couple days ago Barbie happened to see an ad insert in the newspaper for a local grocery store that was highlighting the fact that they were going to be carrying Hatch Green Chile today.  To say we were excited to see this would be an understatement, so we have been literally counting the days until today when we showed up to take a look at what they had.

To our surprise, we arrived before the produce department had a chance to set up the display.  So, we convinced the store manager to bring the un-opened cases out to us (in the middle of the produce department) so that we could sort through the chilies inside.

So, there we were.  Tearing through the chilies pulling out the best one by one.  By the time we both finished going through the entire supply, we had separated over six pounds of chile to take to the cashier and eventually take home with us.

After we got home, we decided to split our stash in two and roast half right away.  We briefly debated if we should roast them over one of the stove burners, or on the grill.  The grill won the debate simply because it was a nice evening and we hadn't used it to roast chilies before.

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Maddie is Chillin'

We have been spending more time relaxing in the yard lately with some more forgiving temperatures lately.  From the looks of it, Maddie is also enjoying spending time in the hammock.

Saturday, August 3, 2013


It took us just over a week to finish, but our puzzle is now complete.  Woo!