Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Maddie and Bianca

This visit is the second one where Bianca has spent time with Maddie.  As Barbie and I expected, Maddie remembered Bianca as soon as they saw each other.  Maddie would snuggle with Bianca every time they were both on the couch.

As Maddie gets older, sometimes she needs a little help when we go on long walks.  Today, Barbie and Bianca took the dogs for a walk around the lake while I was at work.  Bianca said she would keep an eye on Maddie during the walk and she would carry her if Maddie looked like she was getting tired.

The picture below was taken as Barbie, Bianca and the dogs were walking back home from the lake.  You can see how trusting Maddie is of Bianca in how she is being carried.   

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